Counts can be scary

On Halloween, I enjoyed a treat: Wynton Marsalis and a big band playing arrangements of Sesame Street songs while The Muppets sang along.

Easy to get confused after four re-birthdays

It’s probably unusual for someone to wake up and wonder if it’s their birthday, but that’s what happened to me the other day.

A family business

You just got to keep showing up, going in every day, and doing the best you can. … [Continue reading]

See more smiles

Inspired by a student, a Holyoke Community College literacy specialist launches accessible face mask campaign … [Continue reading]

Stem cell transplant: just the basics

A friend who has a friend facing a stem cell transplant thought, with good reason, that I could pass on some useful information. … [Continue reading]

Some people just don’t get it

A friend made a comment that shows some people have no idea. No idea what, you might wonder. No idea what blood cancer patients go through during and after stem cell transplant. … [Continue reading]

Virtual theater keeps people engaged

Many are staying connected to live productions during the pandemic … [Continue reading]

Is it safe to take my dog to the groomer?

When I mentioned to a friend that I was thinking of taking my Labrador Retriever to the groomer, she suggested I shouldn’t do it, out of concern that the COVID-19 virus could pass through her fur if the groomer was infected, or get on the leash, or … [Continue reading]

High school tradition with friends

We didn’t plan for the bench photo to symbolize long-term friendship when seven of us high school seniors sat on a bench in Stuyvesant Square Park in New York City, down the street from our school, and asked my then-boyfriend to take a photo of us on … [Continue reading]

Cancer and COVID

While individuals are at greater risk, treatment and screening must continue … [Continue reading]