Survivor support

Even though cancer treatment ends, the need for physical and emotional care continues. When Marty Hogan found out at age 34 that he had acute lymphocytic leukemia, a rapidly progressing blood cancer, the news devastated him and his pregnant wife, Whitney.

Stem cell transplant: just the basics

A friend who has a friend facing a stem cell transplant thought, with good reason, that I could pass on some useful information.

Some people just don’t get it

A friend made a comment that shows some people have no idea. No idea what, you might wonder. No idea what blood cancer patients go through during and after stem cell transplant.

Cancer and COVID

While individuals are at greater risk, treatment and screening must continue

Sex after cancer

After stem cell transplant, chronic symptoms

The healing powers of tennis

Coming to terms with disfiguring surgery

Running for my life

While running the St. Patrick’s Day 10K in Holyoke, Mass., in 2003, I could hardly catch my breath.