‘Life is short’ – the motivation behind pandemic pivots

From launching a food truck to art classes to even joining a different book club, how the pandemic is inspiring a change in direction.

Stem cell transplant: just the basics

A friend who has a friend facing a stem cell transplant thought, with good reason, that I could pass on some useful information.

Some people just don’t get it

A friend made a comment that shows some people have no idea. No idea what, you might wonder. No idea what blood cancer patients go through during and after stem cell transplant.

Virtual theater keeps people engaged

Many are staying connected to live productions during the pandemic

High school tradition with friends

We didn’t plan for the bench photo to symbolize long-term friendship when seven of us high school seniors sat on a bench in Stuyvesant Square Park in New York City, down the street from our school, and asked my then-boyfriend to take a photo of us on a breezy spring day before graduation.

Cancer and COVID

While individuals are at greater risk, treatment and screening must continue

Airport therapy dogs comfort anxious travelers

Afraid to fly? These dogs can help. Therapy dogs are making people smile.

Proprietary blends: supplements with hidden risks

Supplements that have a mixture of ingredients are called proprietary blends — which are not required to list all the ingredients or the amounts of what vitamins and supplements are in the mixture. Moriarty won’t buy proprietary blends.

Putting treatments into motion

Parkinson’s disease — a progressive movement disorder — has no cure, but better treatments are giving more hope

Bridging linguistic and cultural divides

Holyoke Community College Career Focus
Fall, 2013


When ESL professor Rubaba Matin was asked to choose a book for HCC’s READ program, she picked Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Namesake,” a story of an Indian family’s search for the American dream.

“It is a poignant story of immigrant experiences: cultural clashes, difficulties of integration and the pangs of intergenerational conflicts,” reads the explanation she wrote for a poster in the library. “The Namesake is the story of my ESL students from different countries, and it is my story too,” she wrote.

Matin, a native of the former East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, uses her own experience to help students cross linguistic and cultural divides.

“What I went through in the beginning is what my students go through,” she said during an interview in her cozy office in the Fine and Performance Arts building. [Read more…]